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Coat Length Genetics (fun question)

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Hello everyone!


New to BCs and the forum. I'm hoping adopt this adorable pup when I get back to the States in a couple weeks. His dad has a rough coat, and I know smooth is dominant over rough, but he looks a tad too fluffy to be smooth. Is there partial gene expression in coat length, or will he get rougher/smoother as he gets older?



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I think you have to ask Admin (Eileen) to delete. Since there are variations from completely slick to smooth but not slick to slightly rough (medium) all the way to totally fluffy I would expect that there is incomplete dominance at work, or multiple genes controlling coat length (saying this without doing any research first). I have youngster right now whose parents are both pretty slick and yet he's got something of a rumpled smooth coat....



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Yeah, I'll agree that that pup's probably not going to have a *long* (or even medium) coat, but it will also probably have more coat than being completely slick.

And even my pretty bald puppy ended up with the suggestion of a ruff, and butt and tail feathers.

ETA: However, how 'slick' a coat looks is often related more to amount of undercoat than actual length of coat.

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I tend to thing rough/smooth coat crosses can be a tossup. My smooth male was bred to a smooth female a couple years ago. There were 4 pups, 3 of which were smooth - and one grew up to be a rough coat. A moderate coat, but definitely not any kind of smooth. Nick's parents were both smooth, but he has a rough grandfather. I think the bitch's parents may have been one smooth and one rough, but if not, they were both smooth. The only thing I think I'm sure of is that two roughs won't produce a smooth.

I think. Which could be entirely wrong. :rolleyes:

Your puppy definitely looks smooth to me. If you look at the dog in my profile picture, he's my smooth boy but he's always had a very plush, deep ruff and heavy fur in the buttocks and tail. I don't see any fluffiness behind your pup's ears at all, so I'd say s/he's probably going to be a smooth as well. Which I've grown fond of because it sure sheds dirt and weeds well! :)

Congrats on your forthcoming new baby. Be sure to come back and post photos when you have it safe home!

~ Gloria

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