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8 wk old BC - grooming and harness sizing

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Hello, I am so grateful to have found this group! I'm new here, while I am not new to having a fur baby, I am new to BC's! (I've always had either weimeriners (had 2 from childhood into young adulthood and a doberman with my husband for several years.) My family is finally ready to have a dog again after grieving for our previous dog. I am in the process of getting a new BC pup from a local breeder. I am wondering what size harness to get for an 8 week, average size male BC pup? Also, what kind of grooming tools are needed/best for BC's? I've never had a dog that has had a double coat and plan to do all the grooming myself. I just need more of an idea of the best brushes/combs needed as I already have clippers kit, nail trimmer, etc.. I appreciate any advice anyone may have for me! Thanks!

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For grooming, I use a pin brush for my rough coated dog and a rubber curry for my smooth coated dog. I brush them out every other week during most of the year and several times a week during shedding season.


They really are pretty low maintenance if they stay out of the mud and burrs!


For harness size, ask the breeder for girth size just before you pick him up and get a harness that adjusts down to that size so it can grow with the pup for a couple months

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