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My border collie Princess is one of the world's pickiest eaters. I spent the whole first year I had her trying to find a food she would eat. I tried the "she won't let herself starve" method. Almost a week into it the vet said feed her wet food. Tried pretty much all of those I could find and the only 2 she would eat was One Source and Blue Buffalo. The vet recommended I mix her dry food(Authority grain free) with it. The moment it crunched she decided she wasn't even eating wet food anymore. After a lot of trial and error(and a few creative ways of "tricking" her into eating) I found that she will eat Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, and One Source dry foods...eating isn't her favorite thing to do, but she is eating enough that she is maintaining her body weight.


Taste of the Wild is what she's on now but it gives her and the new puppy HORRIBLE gas. I remember my mom saying that's why she switched her dog off of it. Does anyone use either Blue Buffalo or One Source? Any problems with gas? Both are more expensive than TOTW so I don't really want to blindly try another. Or is there something I can add to the food to make it not so bad? I'm starting to consider buying a family pack of gas masks(and a few extra for guests)! Anyone else have a picky eater that may use a food I havent tried?

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