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Hello everyone.


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I hope you all are haven a good weekend.

I got a BC puppy 3 weeks ago, now 12 weeks old.

And have an older dog that is 9 year`s old, that is startting to go blind. He`s 1/2 BC, and has always been a push over with all other dog`s, people, cat.

Well we all know how puppy`s think everything is a chew toy. Poor old Max...

I`ve tryèd to let him put her in her place, but he dosent seem to know how to do it right.

Please watch this flim of them and let me know what you think.

Am not sure this is going to work.

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I only have one dog so I'm not av expert at all when it comes to multi dog households, but if you have a pup who is too rowdy and bothering your older dog, why not reprimand him yourself instead of waiting for your (patient and/or submissive) older dog to snap? If he hasn't already told the pup off, he probably won't until he feels like he has no choice but to. In that case, I think it would be bother for you to intervene before it gets to that point.


Is your new pup crate trained? I think facing a crate for him well teach him to be calm and that there are times he can chill out as well as give your older dog some space. Redirect him to something else when he bothers Max or separate them, but never use the crate as a form of punishment.


Good luck with your new pup.

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Thank you, yes I have and do stop her alot the last 5 day`s.

And she is crate trained. Or I put her in a corner with a stay, when I see she is to crazy. And wont give Max any pease.

I play with her, train, sit, touch, heel, stay, come. she has all this down...But go`s right back to chew on Max.

The thing I don`t understand is Max play`s, and at the same time try`s to domenate, but dosent faller through.He makes alot of noise. grrr, bark, etc. But looks to be half play...Am just unsure when to set a stop to it.

Sorry if my spelling is bad.

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Ok, didn`t get a new film, but went to the vet and ask her what she thought...

She said Max it trying to calm Lilly down, and Lilly just wont lisen, or give in.

And Like you said I need to put a stop to it.

So today has been a day of her learning to not bite Max.

Max won`t play with her, he just wants to sleep all day, entil walk or training time.

Not that he needs training, but can`t leve him out while training Lilly. :)

Again thanks for the help.

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