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Aversion to Training Tool?

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After wearing out her old harness I received a new one as a gift for the holidays. It's not a regular harness, but an "Easy Walk Harness".


I'm unsure about using it, but I took it for a spin out in the front yard. Whenever Maple pulls on the leash, it applies pressure to the shoulders and causes her to redirect back towards me. Not that I'm complaining, it worked like a charm. It's basically what I've been doing with a collar except more automatic. I guess it's less of a mental leash training technique (Maple must acknowledge she was pulling before we continue) and more of a physical (Maple feels the pressure and knows that she created too much tension).


I've heard nothing but positive reviews about it, and apparently it's one of the more "ethical" training tools.


I just want to say that if I do end up using it regularly, I have the full intention of eventually weaning her off of it. As in, I'm not trying to use it as a substitute for leash training. Just as a "helping" tool.


Has anyone else used this product with successful results? Should I not use this?



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When I used to help with family dog classes, this was one tool that was used on certain dogs when the instructor felt it was the best tool. I found it very useful and humane. The key is to make sure it's adjusted to fit properly.


I think I recall concerns about its use on dogs that continue to pull, that it might exert pressure on the shoulders but on the dogs that the instructor chose for its use, that was not an issue.


You can attach your leash to both the harness center ring and your collar ring, once your dog is walking consistently politely on the harness, and then wean to using just the collar very naturally.


Never leave it on except for walking the dog, to avoid chewing, rubbing, or tangling of any sort.

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