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Mentor in Maine?


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Hi everyone,


I wanted to make a quick post and see if there is anyone in Maine who could advise/mentor me on small scale farming with sheep. I'd be happy to work, or just shadow, or whatever arrangement would be doable for the farmer.


As background, hubby and I are moving to the western mountains of the state in June(ish). I plan to start a small diversified operation, with room for growth. I'm serious about doing this - the plan is to go full time if the market is there. Otherwise I'll just feed us and family/friends.


I'm looking at hair sheep - Katahdins - but am open to other suggestions. I'm just not interested in wool.


We're in the planning stages so what I need right now are locals who can give input on stocking rates, slaughter and shipping options, pricing, etc. We've also started looking at land so I'm hoping for help assessing property.


It's a lot to ask; farmers are busy people. But I figured if anyone had suggestions, it'd be the sheepdog folks.


Thanks in advance !

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Check the NEBCA (Northeast Border Collie Association) website for contacts in Maine (and nearby states), and for upcoming trials that might be near enough to where you will be. A trial (especially if you volunteer) is a great place to make contacts, meet people who might be able to help you out, and learn about what these dogs can do.

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Maine Organic Farmer's and Gardner's Association, http://mofga.org/


Consider they're apprentice program, if you can afford a summer off. I think it's still running.


I lived in Maine for a number of years. Get to know the MOFGA folks. They're a great crowd & a big help. If you've never been to the Common Ground Country Fair, go this year. It's in Unity in late September.

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