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Really need help with this ..wee bit background info..I have a 16 month red tri bitch who is recovering from operation speyi..calked Ruby. She is great dog, crate trained , have few probs like pulling on lead but recall is fairly good .....very pleased at her progress she was snappy as a pup hard work but settled now. We got Mack at 11 weeks , he is approx 19 weeks. He is not snappy at all, recall good for being so young ..but having prob toilet and crate training him. We tried separate crates to start with , he barked a lot through the night ..my neighbour just had baby he was getting himself into a state. So we took crate upstairs ..he settled we tried to move him out to the hall he starts contant barking. He was dry most nights, they both get two long Forrest walks where they are off lead, do their business..but Mack still does in house ..every time I take him outside he pees when asked..but can come inside and do it again. So we said we would try let them sleep without crate, he is much more settled, but pees and poos over the floor. I know I am changing all the time is it better to take him back up with me in crate or persevere without...

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Sorry, I'm not entirely clear... Are you saying that the puppy did fine when the crate was upstairs? Is there a reason you can't keep the crate upstairs or does he need to be out of that particular room? If him being in that particular room isn't creating a major issue in your household I'd keep him there for now. If he stays in the room he's comfortable in for a few weeks (maybe even a month or two) and gets used to being quiet in the crate maybe it would make the transition into the hallway or back downstairs a little easier.


I think the crate is the best tool you have to help potty train him. Every time he pees or poos inside it's only reinforcing the behavior and could make the bad habit harder to break. If I were in your position I'd try to get the crate situation worked out ASAP so that you could begin using it again to help house train him. Another option, if the crate really just isn't working, would be to section off a small area with a baby gate or ex pen. The area should be small enough that he would not want to soil in it.


Prevention is going to be the key and you will want to monitor him at all times when he's out of his crate or sectioned off area. If he's always in your sight, then you can catch him trying to potty in the house and stop/correct him. With my puppy I'd use a really sharp "AH" sound or a hand clap to startle him, then scoop him up and take him outside. Sometimes he was still peeing as I swept him off, lol. Just as importantly though, as soon as he peed or pooped outside I'd give him tons and tons of praise. It should be a clear message to the puppy: "Potty inside is bad, potty outside makes mom super happy".


Hope this helps! Good luck going forward!

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I wrote this early in the morning after been wakened and cleaning up pees and poos after my pup. Yes I think I will take home upstairs for a while..get him properly housetrained first.

I want to eventually do away with the crates jot sure if that is a good idea, as I don't want two large crates about the place. although during the day crate door open and they both go in for a rest it's cute..

I need to be consistent..Mack is totally different from Ruby, a little more timid, although I have tred to socialise him as much as poss..

Thanks for the advice x

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