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how to correct this problems?

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Hi everybody!


my dog ​, Yuna ​(blue Merle) is 10 months and we have an problems we do not know how to solve.

When we going to the park, and she see someone known or she knows she going to play with his friends she gets very nervous and start to stretch and no way to stop it. I tried to stand and walk again, go the other way .... but nothing works.

Another issue that worries me is that, I run in the mountains with my dog ​​but when a piece of the road is downhill arrives, my dog ​​starts barking and biting (I understand that going more quickly feel it does not control me) but is very dangerous for me .... What I can do?

and, taking advantage of the post, (jijiji) is becoming a little aggressive when another dog approaches, first growls as a warning and then "pretends to attack you" (obviously it's just noise) I try attempt to distract and bring it slowly to the other dog but if she don't like the dog input there is nothing to do.


Srry for my english :P


Thanks for your patience and your comments

best regards

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Your first question puzzles me - she starts to "stretch"? Or do you mean "screech"? I don't see an issue with a dog that stretches (stretching with the front end down and legs out, and the hind end up), is a "play bow" and is an invitation to other dogs to play to it's a positive thing. Screeching (making a loud, piercing, high-pitched sound, is another issue.


As for running in the mountains, or anywhere else, even though she has the energy and wants to do this, at 10 months of age, she is way too young for that sort of repetitive impact activity. The growth plates on the long bones of these dogs do not finish growth and seal until at least 12 months of age, and many people feel that 15 months or so is a more realistic estimate. Until that time, a young dog is at risk of damaging these growth plates and causing future problems.


The best thing you can do for your dog at this age is reasonable walks. And if you are walking her off-leash, she can do her own running and jumping, and will probably not overdo it.


If you are moving and your dog begins to bark and nip at your legs and feet, stop still in your tracks. You can say, "No." When the dog stops the unwanted behavior, then start walking (or running, when she's old enough) again. This takes time and patience, and you may find that your walks/runs cover less ground because of the stops and starts.


When she doesn't like another dog approaching, her growl is a warning (at 10 months of age, she is an adolescent, may still be in one of the several "fear stages" that youngsters go through as they grow and mature, and may be over-stimulated by the presence of other dogs and her eagerness to either engage with them or avoid them). Her behavior towards you is what we used to call "displacement behavior" or turning her excitement towards you because she is not able to turn it towards the other dog. I would probably just advise you to turn around with her and walk away. If she can't walk towards another dog in a reasonable manner, then she should not be walking towards the other dog.


There are people here who can give you much better advice than I can on these behavioral issues. Best wishes!

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I think the first part of the question is about Yuna pulling as they approach the dog park and she gets excited over seeing her friends.


I want to second what Sue said regarding running. Yuna absolutely should NOT be going on runs with you at this age. You are taking a great risk of permanently damaging her still-growing joints/bones. Even if there's no obvious injury now, you are setting her up for problems later, like osteoarthritis.


Also, as she matures, some of the nipping or crazed behavior when running with you may stop of its own accord, assuming she hasn't done it enough already for it to be habit.


We'd love to see pictures of her!



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