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Lately, I've been having an odd problem with Brady and I don't want to offend anyone so I'm going to put this as delicately as I possibly can.


He's started trying to mount me or my boyfriend in, um, intimate moments, or if I'm working out on the floor. In the past year this has been the only behavioral problem we've had since I started doing CU with him. We work on something everyday, go on walks everyday, and play outside constantly. I know it's not boredom, and part of me wants to chalk it up to jealousy because I've had Brady longer than I've been with my boyfriend, but he never acts jealous except in those moments. He loves Jeff, just absolutely loves him. He gets so excited whenever he visits (because we're doing the long distance thing right now) and never leaves his side. In fact, if I separate him from Jeff he'll whine and cry because he doesn't want to be apart from him. It's annoying and embarrassing at this point and I have no idea how to stop the behavior. In my current place his crate won't fit in my room and shutting him out of the room results in him barking, scratching the door, and carrying on until the whole house has been alerted, which makes things all the MORE embarrassing.



I'm begging for advice at this point.

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OK, wasn't clear on the separation anxiety, since you said all the other behavioral issues had disappeared or minimized. Crating him in a shared space will prevent him pawing at your door. This isn't dominance, it's arousal and excitement finding an inappropriate outlet. The easiest way to make it stop is to manage him so he can't do it. Tethering in a corner on a mat might work, but it's just as likely for him to get frustrated and flip out at the tether.


Your other options are redirection (which will be really awkward to implement) and punishment (which could have very unpleasant unintended consequences).

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Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you for the input, it's nice to be able to put a proper name to something that has had me stumped. I'll talk with my boyfriend and see which way we want to go. I'll try crating him first because punishment, at least at this point, is out of the question until it becomes a last resort. I might try implementing "go to place" from CU since he knows it pretty well.


Thank you again!

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