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crate??? help please!

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hi .. im new to the boards but have already found all the postings very much helpful to me and my new border collie puppy (male) checkers..

i have been trying to train checkers not to go in the house which is carpeted fully.. it worked for a bit, he managed to go on newspapers most of the time for #2 but often peed everywhere. Is it because he is stilll little?

anyway, because when we kept him confined in the house, he whined and got really bored and destructive, we've started to leave him out in the yard, which he seems to love.. but the problem now is that he pees and goes everywhere..in the garden that is.. is that a good idea? or should i train him to go only when he is brought out for walks.

the other problem also is that he is only 2 1/2 mths old, and hasnt finished all his vaccinations and so can't go out for walks yet.. Should i be trying crate training? and sorry about this, but what exactly is a crate? some sort of kennel ?


thanks !



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Hi Jasmin and welcome.


Have done a search for crate training on these boards yet? Many great suggestions have already been posted numerous times for problems just like yours. Please search the boards and I'm sure you'll find your answers.


Quickly though - 2.5 months is VERY young. I'm assuming you got him at 8 weeks - so you've only had him 2 weeks at home. You need to establish rules and stick with them. Changing from house to outside and back is going to make this process longer.


The pup needs restricted to one room or crate/X-pen that has paper if you choose. I did not set down paper because I did not want my pup to learn to prefer the paper as her surface of choice.


Take the pup out side, on a leash every hour and after play/meals. Say "go potty" or give a command. When the pup goes praise like a made woman. Take the pup to the same spot each time and praise each time. Do not take the pup out of crate/x-pen without going out to potty first. Only after a potty can the play or fun begin.


For boredom - chew toys, treats, walks in the morning and afternoon, training with treats. You can work on sits and walkies and downs. Pups sleep a lot if stimulated enough. Keep his mind working and you will have a tired puppy.


Our pup was not happy in her x-pen for the first week. But we left her for short periods with yummy treats.


Teach the pup that his crate/room is a good place to be. Don't teach seperation anxiety. Don't let pup out if crying. He's training you.


For more info on all this - do a search - you will find lots of info.


good luck.



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