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HELP!! Aussie prob??

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I have introduced new dog (Aussie, 6yr.old stud) to my other dog and they seemed alright. This morning I woke up to dog fight with my other dog having the Aussie down by the throat. Aussie won't let other dog near me or my husband and growls, but is NOT a fighter.

I have separated the dogs for now, but would like to get them to get along. My other dog is not mean spirited, plays rough but will have a fit if Aussie thinks he's going to keep him away from us.

Aussie was antagonized consistently by a rat terrier the past few years with barking and never bit him, never has bit, but just chased him off--never a problem.

He is growing at my other dog consistently now.

What do I do??????


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He is a triple registered stud and I would like to stand him.

We went for walk together (both dogs doing this entire thing), rode together, sat together and did everything together (brushed, etc).

Now they are back in the pen and Aussie is growling if other dog comes close to me again.

I know this is an Aussie's nature, but he did not do this around alot of other dogs where he came from, even my little chihuahua who came with to meet the Aussie. He did not act this way around his old owner and her dogs either.

Any tips? Neutering is a very last option for me, since I took him to stand him.

Does he just need some time to adjust? How can I make it easier for him to accept other dog?

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Triple registered means nothing as does color in a working breed. It is how the dogs work livestock that makes them valuable. If you are not sure how this dog will work livestock at a fully trained level, why would you think about standing him at stud?


There are breeders and there are breed multipliers. There is a big difference.


Not meaning any disrespect, but owners of good bitches will always breed to a dog that has proved his worth. What I am trying to delicately say is that you probably will not have any worthwhile bitches come to breed to him.


When you stated that you "took the dog" to stand at stud, does that mean that you were given the dog? If you were given the dog, what makes you think he would be valuable as a stud?


As far as the aggression between the two dogs, if you do not want to wake up to a dog fight, don't leave them alone or unsupervised. It appears from your post that when you are in the picture, they do not act aggressive toward each other. If either dog postures, correct him immediately. Don't let it escalate.


There are some males that will never get along.

I think that it is too premature to say that about your males at this point.

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If the dog was given perhaps the aggression was why. Did the dog fight when its previous owner was absent? Perhaps you got taken. We bought a bull once. Very gentle Poll Hereford. At least he was poll until his horn nub returned. We loaded it to the sale barn. Dad listed him as a de-horned hereford. He sold for more then we paid. Anyway, there is always someone that will try to hand off a troublemaker. It seems to me that your "stud" has always been this way and you got duped. It may settle down some if neutered. This would not be a desirable trait in a litter. I personally would not want to use an aggressive stud. Next it might turn on the sheep or you. Good Luck

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With out adding to the thoughts on neutering etc because you have already been given some good advice there...


When you catch them fighting, or even throwing daggers with their eyes, BOTH dogs have to be corrected no matter who you think started it. My suggestion then is to put both dogs in a down close to each other but not close enough to start another battle, and make them hold the down for a minimum of five minutes.


You have to be there to supervise and correct if the daggers start flying again. Once they're content to just lie close without glaring at each other they can be released, but keep an eye on them.

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I have 4 Border Collies. 3 are intact males. When I recently got my oldest back from my trainers after almost 6 mos, he got into 2 fights with my just turned 2 yr old. I got into both of them and I haven't had a fight or even an eye contact between them since. I AM the boss here and NOBODY is under me. I decide what they do, when they eat, where they go. They do not have a heirarchy among themselves if I am not there at the moment. These are smart dogs, they can be taught that fighting or even eyeing each other is wrong.


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