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Researching ABCA and AKC backgrounds

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Hi all,


I am wondering if there is a way to look up a dog's background pedigree on ABCA or AKC.


Like if I know the dog's registration number or name. I think AKC lets you look up anyone's pedigree if you pay? Is there a free way of doing it?


Breeder is not a reliable contact so I was hoping to find alternatives. Thanks!

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you may be able to get help here by posting the dogs name, registration number, sire & dam along with their registration numbers and breeders.


There is also a FB group, B C Pedigree Project


Question though, you say breeder is not a reliable contact? As in you can't reach the breeder or you don't trust the breeder? If the later then you may not be able to trust that the papers are really the right ones for that dog

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Just really difficult to get a hold of.


I'd rather not post the information, I'm just looking to see if there's a resource where I could find it out myself. I mean this situation disregarding, it'd be nice to know how to research it for myself if I ever chose to in the future.

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