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Whining at doors

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Hi everyone. My puppy Lily is about 7 months now. The majority of the time, she is in our family room. However, sometimes I would rather be in my bedroom, bringing her in there with me as company. But any time I try this, she just sits at the door and obsessively whines, and cannot be distracted by toys or bones. She voluntarily enters the room, but wants to leave almost immediately. I assume she doesn't feel comfortable in it (even though she has been in here many times). How can I fix this behavior? The same applies to the bathroom as well, although that's not really an issue since I don't need her in the bathroom.

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It might be time to make the bedroom a REALLY awesome place, at least for awhile. It sounds like you spend a lot less time in the bedroom so she's probably just not comfortable chilling out in there yet.


Perhaps you could give her extra special treats (a Kong stuffed with peanut butter) that are long lasting while she's in the room with you? It could also be fun to hide a bunch of high value treats (hotdog, chicken bits, etc.) throughout the room before you bring her up there. Make it so there are a few easy ones that she finds right away and then encourage her to search the room for more. If you start to notice her losing interest and moving towards the door to whine maybe you could distract her by throwing a few extra yummy bits on the floor. You could also feed her a few meals in the bedroom. It's almost like crate training in that you have to make the space really wonderful and the source of many good things.


I also wonder if the closed door is a trigger. Do you have a baby gate that you could set up so that the door could be open and she wouldn't feel as "trapped" in the room?

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I'd second the recommendation for a baby gate. That way she's not closed in or missing any fun.

Also agree about making the bedroom awesome. Give her extra special treats and goodies. Heck, you could even give her some of her meals in the bedroom. Also, take some time to bring her into the bedroom and just give her a treat - then take her out again. Don't make the bedroom just a place where she goes and gets bored.

Best of luck!

~ Gloria

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