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Rescue contacts in KY/OH/IN/TN

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Someone in the horse world here was asking about Border Collies, so I stepped in & offered advice & opinions. She was very receptive to the working vs AKC bred dogs- turns out she's had GSDs and is unhappy with what is happening to the show lines. Sounds like she mostly wants a drivey, trainable dog for dog sports & obedience.


Could anyone give me contacts for a rescue in this area? I know there's at least one in TN to avoid, and I want to make sure to do that!



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There are two that I know of in TN - East TN BCR and West TN BCR. Our daughter got one from West TN BCR (didn't turn out to be a BC, though).


In Ohio, there is Buckeye BCR.


I don't know if Great Lakes BCR covers IN or not.


I know a lot of good people in KY but not a specific rescue. Bob and Bobbie Washer, Mike and Laura Hanley, Connie Brannen, and Shelby Cook are folks I know in or near the Lexington area. I could get you contact info if you'd like.

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I second the recommendations so far for East TN, West TN, Buckeye, and Midwest: they are all rescues I have collaborated with over the years since here in Kentucky we don't have any organized border collie rescue organization.


We also get a lot of dogs in shelters in this region that would suit her needs, if she decides to go that route. If there is anything I can do to help (I'm in south-central Kentucky, north of Nashville), feel free to put her in touch with me.


FYI, I am guessing the outfit you were thinking of avoiding in Tennessee is the now-defunct (thankfully!) middle Tennessee one that was run by Swafford.

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I'm part of East TN Border Collie Rescue. We have a website at www.bordercollierescuetn.com and a quite active facebook page where new dogs show up before they are posted to the main website.


Yep, the bad one was the middle TN rescue which was a front for Swafford's breeding operation that was shut down a few years ago.

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