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could she be border collie

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I am brand new to this site as well as brand new to the border collie world. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my dog molly might be a border collie mix, I know she's not pure but curious if she could be at least part. She is the product of a shut down backyard breeder who said she was a wheaten terrier/golden retriever but she's black and white and they weren't exactly concerned with who bred with who. Some friends think she is at least part border collie because when she see something specifically squirrels she hunkers down pretty low to the ground and slowly walks while crouched toward the squirrel never taking her eyes off of it, as well as she loves to control my other dogs' movements. I do not know if these are traits specifically of border collies so I though I'd ask y'all. Thank you in advance. post-15649-0-12092800-1384456615_thumb.jpgpost-15649-0-33656400-1384456776_thumb.jpg

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