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I was just wondering at what age do the most obvious border collie traits start to show? Low to the ground stalking, strong eye contact etc. I have a German Shep. Mix and everyone who sees my 7 month old pup immediately says she is part border collie. I had a German Shep Border Collie mix for 14 years before this but she had the colours of a Shep and the body and mind of a BC. To me it does not matter what my new pup is I am just curious what BC owners think :)


Her mannerisms to me do not scream BC, she is not as hyper as my last dog but I take her exercise everyday very seriously and do not ever skip any workout. To me she could be part elephant and I would love her the same I am just asking out of curiousity.


The picture is quite old I will upload another when I am home from work. Thank you!


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Well, she's adorable in that old photo! The problem with looking for traits like crouch and eye is that border collies cover the spectrum from very upright (no real crouch) and little or no eye to very "stylish" (slinky) and lots of eye. So you could have a full or part border collie that never shows "typical" border collie traits.



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The short answer to your initial question is: maybe never. If a dog has really strong breed traits, they show in the early months in many or most cases.


Mixed breed dogs (including 3 of our last 5) are a crap shoot. You don't know what, exactly, will result. The genetic soup is an unknown. And don't forget that even among 'purebreds' there is a broad range of variation. Labs are known for their biddability and easy personality (along with being goofy puppies for life!), yet my SAR dog was dog aggressive, very protective of us humans, and often hard-headed. Yet among family he was a goofy puppy for life, while insisting on his dominant role among the other dogs in the house. Strong prey drive? This guy would barely retrieve, and didn't chase cats. Go figure. But he was loving and loyal and could go for days in the mountains in any weather and any terrain.


On the other hand, Border Collies (so I'm told) are intense and high energy. Yet our old girl BCX and our BC puppy are both the most mellow dogs we've ever had. Yes, they're always ready for a hike or a game; but they lie around pretty contentedly when nothing's going on. The puppy is more intense and obviously displays breed traits (eye, crouch, herding tactics when playing with our other puppy or cat, etc.), but then we don't know what the old girl's mix is. And whereas the puppy shows real willingness to learn and cooperate, the old girl is never completely willing to give in when she wanted something different. She is smart enough, but much more independent minded.


Dogs' personalities and minds can be quite complex, if not so mysterious as a human's. Part of why we love them and are fascinated by them is because even the purist bred dog is an individual. I hope you two have a long and happy life together!

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What a cutie she is! :D

To answer your question, though, I can only echo what others have said. Even if she IS part border collie, she might never demonstrate any visibly "border collie-ish" traits. Within border collies themselves, there is a ton of variation. Some crouch and show "eye," some work more upright and loose-eyed, some are hyper, some are laid back, and ears and coats come in all possible combinations. When another breed is thrown into the mix, heaven only knows what will float to the top of the genetic soup.

So, part elephant or not, she's adorable! :P Sorry we're no real help ...

~ Gloria

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