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Suspected UTI - 5 month old Female

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Hi Everyone,


I am waiting for the vets to open as I suspect that my 5 month old female might have a UTI. She is relatively fully house trained and for the last few days has been having little (tiny) accidents inside.


I was watching her outside earlier and she was squatting to do wee wee quite regularly and she doesn't seem to be her lively, crazy self.


Is UTI common in female pups or pups in general?

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It is not unusual in female pups, or in females of any age. Our Megan came down with one very suddenly several months ago. One evening, she was doing like your pup, squatting way too often, and she had an accident in the house. She was 10 1/2 years old at the time. An exam including checking her urine confirmed it, she was put on the proper medication, and we saw an improvement within a day or so.


Best wishes getting her seen, the problem diagnosed, and the proper medication to get rid of this painful condition.

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Glad you got that taken care of quickly!


When Megan got her UTI, I realized something was wrong after getting home from work and taking the dogs out for exercise. Our vet clinic is 24/7 but, of course, after hours is an extra charge. The receptionist couldn't give me a regular appointment until Thursday and this was Monday (there were other staff that I know would have fit us in the next day but the folks that don't know you aren't at all as accomodating as they follow the "rules") so I took her in that evening and paid the extra fee (which really wasn't that much on top of the bill).


I've had UTIs and I did not want my dog to be in the kind of pain and discomfort that accompanies this sort of infection. I'm sure you felt the same and am glad you were able to get her seen and treated.


Best wishes!

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