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We have a VERY shy border collie. He only likes me & my husband- he has never let anyone else close enough to pet him. He also has an annoying howling bark. Now the neighbors have filed a complaint against us. We always bring him in as soon as he starts to bark, but obviously this isn't working well. He doesn't get along well with other dogs, so he got "kicked out" of obedience training. Any suggestions?

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Guest rtphokie

You need to find a different training center. I've never heard of anyone ever getting kicked out of class before. Did they offer to work with you privately? I would consult a behaviorist or a good dog trainer in your area for help with his fear problem.


As far as the barking goes, your dog has probably learned if he barks, you'll let him in, right? A short term solution would be to just outside with him. Instead of leaving him in the yard to do his business, take him for a walk.



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I also have a border collie who has decided to bark each night after it gets dark! He hears all kinds of noises outside our wood fence and barks his head off! It is so disturbing that I am surprised the neighbors haven't called us yet. So, here is a suggestion that might work if you keep at it. I learned this in training class and tried it one night and my border learned it after only 1 time!! Amazing. Get one of those little lemon bottles at the grocery store in the vegetable section (the kind that squirt). When your little guy barks, open the door, call him, he will run up to the door thinking he gets in... you hold his jaw and give a little squirt of the lemon juice - they lick and lick and hate the taste - (it doesn't hurt them) - tell him "no" in a meaningful tone! Next time bark, same treatment - do this one night every time. See if it works. MY border took one time - next time he barked, I yanked open the door, he ran up took one look at that lemon bottle and turned in a circle and layed down on the porch and stared at me. Barked again, I opened the door and said "come here" he ran to door, saw lemon juice and did a dive to the porch and layed down. Now all I do is if he barks, I SHOW him the bottle and he lays down and stops - He still barks if something is really bothering him - but the bottle tamed him first try - Hope it works!

They are such smart dogs - they learn QUICK!

Good luck!!!

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