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Limping pup??

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We have 2 BC's that are about 7 and a half months old. The male has been limping a little bit and at first we didn't think anything really of it but then it started to get worse.. Its almost like when he first wakes up it's like his leg is asleep or something? It's not all of the time just if he has been out running around and then takes a long nap? Its like he stiffens up or something... We have made an appt to have our vet look at it in a couple of days but I was wondering if anyone had a similar thing happen or know what it could be? He is so young and it's his front left leg....


Thanks for the help!



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It could be any of a number of different things - major or minor. Might require treatment, might not, but no one can diagnose the issue over the internet. Front leg on a male Border collie that age does make me think of shoulder OCD. In my experience, not every vet has equal facility at diagnosing lameness issues. I'd have saved myself a pretty penny if I'd gone to an ortho vet a few years ago at the outset.


Best of luck - here's hoping it's something minor that doesn't require extended crate rest (or surgery).

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