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Day 2 - 1st and 2nd Round Nursery, USBCHA Cattledog Finals

Debbie Meier

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Wish you were here...


The first round of nursery is under way and thanks to Jack Doty of Nebraska I have my own wireless router right here in the trailer with me so we will be able to keep everyone posted!!


This mornings course is the same as yesterday with one exception, we reduced the course time by 2 minutes....did you hear that??? No one made it to the pen yesterday, the course is the same and we are running nursery dogs...


And here is the big news, Thad Fleming with his 15 month old bitch Ali, who qualified just recently in March and the Burch/Salmon trials just scored a 266 with our first pen!!! What a run! The team had a great run yesterday placing 4th overall in the first open round.


Scores so far today in order of run (unofficial results)


Ron Green with Kiki 170

Rick Wall with Sis 69

Thad Fleming with Ali 266

Joe Parham with Scooter 120

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The first round of Nursery is completed and we are now on to the 2nd round. The only course change is that a second set of fetch gates were added on the fetch, this will make the handlers work harder to maintain a line from the lift all the way through both sets of panels vs. just the one.

The rest of the 1st round scores are as follows (unofficial)
Bob Johnson Blue 170
Curtis Dukes Tuff 8
Rich Hall (dog handled by Niyole Livingston) Sis 78
Christi McKenney with Turbo 83
Ron Green with K'ass 114
Steve Knipmeyer Ace 166
Richard Brandon Gypsy 140
Carol Anne Tholkes Stone 144
Dwight Parker Sammie 88
Niyole Livingston Bess 40
Ron Baucom Cody 46
AJ Malnar Mick 103
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2nd round nursery cont...

Steve Knipmeyer Ace 115

Ron Baucom Cody 141

Niyole Livingston Bess 175

Dwight Parker Sammie 149

Curtis Dukes Tuff 95

Carol Anne Tholkes Stone 228

Christy McKinney Turbo 102

Ron Green K'ass 180

Niyole Livingston Siss 178

AJ Malnar Mick 130

Richard Brandon Gypsy 240

Thad Fleming Ali 130

Joe Parham Scooter 100

Bob Johnson Blue 225

John Holman Roy 160

Larry Painter Troy 150

Rick Wall Sis 97

Ron Enzeroth Mick 167

Ron Green Kiki 249

Richard Brandon Dude scratch

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