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Updates from Leeton, MO - 2013 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals

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Many members of the Johnson County Cattlemen's Assoc. donated there time, fuel, trucks and trailers to haul the cattle up from Appleton City to the USBCHA National Cattledog Finals site in Leeton, MO





The cattle have arrive!!! There is light drizzle falling but according to the weather reports the weather will be looking up beginning Saturday afternoon with little to no chance of rain on through the following Sunday.

Come on out to the watch, if you have questions feel free to flag down a contestant, everyone is happy to answer questions. How do you know who is a contestant?

Just look for someone where one of these red name badges










Tents and other shelters such as portable buildings are going up











A new feature for 2013 is Diamond W Wheeled Corral



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Thank you for sharing these photos (and others)! An amazing amount of work is going on and I wish I could be there to help and to watch a Cattledog Finals.


Thank you and all the crew for all your good work!


PS - The cattle look nice!

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Wednesday evening handlers meeting, cattle all grazing out on the field while we all got together for a group shot.


Ready or not, here we go, 7am first dog and handler goes to the post rain or shine.



We had sun and 81 degrees today, tomorrow we will be facing the 40's with a 50% chance of rain turning to snow in the evening. A little extra zinger, 14 mph north wind blowing right in your face



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