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Ugh...I hate stacking Jack in conformtation and showmanship. When I get him as close to perfect as I can,he moves one of his feet. Anyway,I suggest letting the dog "free stack" and then make any corrections needed after that. But remember,don't get between the judge and the dog(I got disqualified once for doing that). Also,in showmanship they're not really judging the dog but watching what you are doing so the stack doesn't have to be perfect. But it's nice to have it as close as you can get it.



Jack and Bailey




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April, have you ever tried doggie twister? Take a piece of cardboard and draw circles on it. color them if you want. Then place the dog's feet in the circles--dont' make the dog into a pretzel though ! Reward/praise the dog whenever he holds his feet where you put them. Gradually move around the dg, encouraging him to hold his feet in the circles--make a game of it. Fun and really helps when you have to move around the dog in showmanship.



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