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All dogs are allowed to participate in flyball. One stipulation is, they should be at least 1 years old. You can start training but limit the jumping. Go to www.flyballdogs.com. You should be able to find just about anything on this site regarding flyball.....it has some helpful hints on what you can to do to start training your puppy--ie: when throwing the ball, throw the ball in a corner-it will help teach to make sharp turns.....etc.


Be very careful when training...you don't want to overdue it and end of hurting the dog down the road.....I would also try to find a team near you. They may be willing to help and get you going in the right direction.....


Our team website is www.flyball-fbi.com and check out Charlotte--she is my bc/mix and my other dog is the australian cattledog.



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Actually flyball is pretty big in Australia there is a flyball-oz message board on yahoo I believe.....


That video of Foster was taken a couple years ago when she first started. I love acd's....and Foster is a great dog


Flyball is fun but mostly of love all the people. It is amazing how many people come to tournaments and if a team is shorthanded, other teams jump in to help out without problem.....


Good luck,



Centreville, VA

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Kim, I have asked around about flyball in my area and there are 2 teams that are looking for new members and myself and Bindi are going to have a look-e-see on Saturday.Can't wait, I will beable to talk dogs with "normal people" and not have glazed eyes looking straight through me and little heads nodding at me, when I know that they aren't listening. LOL.

I spent nearly an hour on the phone to one lady who has 3 Border Collies too, best phone call I have had for ages. She was so full of energy about flyball and sounded so passionate about it. My hubby thinks it would be a "nice little hobby" for me(wish I could teach him to flyball,be a real show that one)and he said it will be good for me to talk to other "fruit loops".LOL.

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That is cool that there are 2 teams near you....


My dogs love flyball and it is amazing how well they are doing....


I guess you can see I am also a "fruit loop" since I enjoy talking dog.....and flyball helps me cope during the times I can't talk dog with other people.......


Flyball is becoming an up and coming sport and many of us love it.......


Good luck and I hope you find flyball as fascinating as I do.



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