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continous tugging at feet

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Make the area around your feet an unpleasant place for your puppy to be. If you can use your feet agiley to teach her that they are not her toys (WITHOUT harming her) that is good. If you are not that coordinated, and you think you might step on her head or something, a friend suggested walking around with a squirt gun and nailing her every time she nails your feet. I haven't tried that.



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How about getting her interesteed in something else? To redirect their biting, what I would do is make sure they like playing with rags or burlap so that when I want to distract them from what they are doing (such as biting hands or feet), I just wave around the rag so that they pounce after that.


Kathy Lena

Tucson AZ

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I can have a whole litter following me and trying to grab my pants.Why try to redirect the problem when a squeeze on the nose and NO means just that.Puppies need to learn the word NO.The word works wonders throughout life.Redirection training is good for other things.



Country Manor Border Collies



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