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Teach them to DROP!

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I noticed alot of "droping problems"


here is what I did;


When you dog comes to you say "Drop it" (or what-ever) if the dog doesnt drop the ball reach your hand under its head and grab its lower jaw. Press the lips against the Teeth GENTLY (your not out for blood) repeat "Drop it" if the dog still doesnt. Press harder and say "DROP IT" in a firmer but not yelling voice. This doesnt seem to hurt the dogs...but it does get the point across


Be patient and have fun


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A suggestion conveyed to me by an animal behaviorist - MAKE IT POSITIVE (not negative for your dog to drop the toy for you.


One way to do this, is cut a slit in a tennis ball and show the dog you are putting a small treat in it. Then, the dog has to release the ball for you to get the treat out.


BTW - do not allow any chewing of the tennis ball. My vet says that tennis balls retain the dirt, etc, and are like giving a "round piece of sandpaper" to a dog. She can always tell by the front teeth if the dog is a tennis ball chewer or not!




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