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2013 National Sheepdog & Cattledog Finals sponsorships

Sue R

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If anyone would like to join our annual "group" sponsorships - with the team sponsorship rate at only $100 for the 2013 Sheepdog Finals, it will only take four individuals at $25 each to sponsor a team. In past years, groups that I have coordinated have raised enough money to sponsor an average of four teams for each National Sheepdog Finals. With this reduced rate, sponsoring five teams is a real possibility.


National Cattledog Finals will be here before we know it, in May. I'd be happy to coordinate sponsorships there as well, but they are $125 each and will require five participants at $25 each. We've been able to raise up to three team sponsorships each year and hopefully can also show our support this year.


Please let me know if you would like to be a part of a group sponsorship. It's a way for people who can't do a full sponsorship to still be able to support the Finals and a team that is worthy of your support. Email me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com if you would like to join our endeavor to help support these most worthy showcases of the best stockdogs and handlers in North America.


Let me know which Finals (or both) that you would like to help sponsor, and suggest a team or teams if you would like. With the Sheepdog Finals in the East, some participants here (like Robin French) are sure to be running and being very competitive!

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I'm still hoping to hear from folks who would like to show their support for the working-bred dogs in their National showcase.


Thanks to those of you who have responded!

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