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Hi All,

I am so glad I found this group I love discussing border collies and learning new training techniques and just plain everything about BC's. I have a young dog starting her herding training in May. Anyway I have been trying to research and find out more about one of my dogs. and was hoping I could get some insight on here. She was bred by Rodney Cotton. Her sire is: IMP. Glen owned by Clyde Moran Sr and bred by M.C Andrews. Her Dam is: Pershore Nell owned by Rodney Cotton and bred by E.F Morgan. Any insight on any of these dogs would be great I am just trying to find out more about her and her lines.


Thanks All :)

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I have talked to a few people that I had found with her litter mates. But I would really like some in site on her pedigree and or the breeder owners and you all seem to have a lot of knowledge as I read through all the posts. So please weather it is good or bad I would like to know. She was given to me by a lady. I have had her on sheep and she show great potential but she is 6 yrs I am going to see how far we can go... I would just love to know more about her lines.

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I can't help because I don't recognize any of those names. It seems the bitch is also from the UK, since Pershore is in England. Do you actually have a full pedigree you can post? One thing I've found is that there are folks who were well known and who then got out of breeding and so even though I don't know them, people who have been at this longer than I might recognize the names. You also might want to post in the "Under the Handlers Tent" section to see if you get more responses from working folks there.


Will write more later--landlord here to get wood. E.F. Morgan was an English Nat'l Champion in 1964 (among other things) with Moss 14902. He was from Pershore, which is why Nell has that prefix on her name.



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