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Does anyone know if there are any agility training places near Fort Collins, CO? I would like to have my BC on a real course but not in a competition just yet. He's only 6 months old. I have built a makeshift course in my backyard but he has gotten to know it too well. Also, where could I buy or order a flyball box?

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Try Front Range Agility Club. I think they're in Golden. Go to www.dogpatch.com and this should help you to their site. There are several agility clubs in the areas surrounding Denver, don't know about Fort Collins. Have you tried putting "dog agility" in your search browser? Oh, btw, there's always www.usdaa.com. That one might help too.

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You can order a flyball box at www.flyballequip.com You can also go to the flyball homepage at www.flyballdogs.com and get some other info.


But, you should wait until your pup is older before doing the box or jumping. They should be at least 1 year before doing any real jumping. Depending on how the pup hits the box will also determine when to start the dog on it. If the pup hits it hard then you should wait until the dog is 1 before any box work. The box can be hard on the joints and messing with a pups joints can be disasterous.


I do flyball with both my dogs. My ACD started at 1 1/2 and my bc/mix started young over what we call puppy jumps. They are only about 1-2inches high, they were almost on the ground but it did give her the concept. I did not introduce the box until she was 10 months or so and she hit the box lightly. She is afraid of noises and the box makes noise. So we had to introduce her to the box outside where there is noise and just make the box pop out balls, etc..until she was comfortable. All her training sessions lasted less than 15 minutes.

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