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The way i got Toby to catch frisbees is at fisrt i got him to try to take the frisbee out of my hand,like you would do with a ball to play fetch,once he was intrested in trying to get the frisbee i started to do very short throws so that they went just passed his nose at his head level,once he started to catch 95% of those throws i would throw the frisbee out farther distances,it just takes a bit of time and they will catch on.


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Take a larger softer type ball (so it won't get stuck in her throat) and play a little fetch to get her excited.


Then tell her to "wait", don't say stay as to some dogs this means don't move a muscle (I don't know how your dog was trained). Take a few steps away from her and say "catch" or "take it" or some command you like. Toss the ball gently right to her mouth. At first you are going to praise every effort she makes to catch the ball. Then as she gets better and better you are only going to give her the big praise for any big efforts or actual catching.


Once she can catch it consistantly, start throwing the ball just a little over her head. Once again praise any effort to reach and catch the ball. Mix this in with some real running and fetching. Once she is goofy to catch the ball, you will take your frisbee and start over. Tell her to wait, step back a few steps and toss it to her mouth.


At first she may look at you and say yah right, where is the ball, but once you start praising her for tiny efforts she will catch on quickly. Then you do the same thing as before, moving back a little ways and tossing it just over her head. She will find out that you get really excited when she catches it and will put in greater and greater effort. Start tossing it a little further and further so she has to run after it.


If she still doesn't want to chase it in the air, you can try rolling it along the ground although my dogs have all responded better with the above method.

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