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herding and obedience

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Okay we have already established that if you want a really great herding dog then obedience is right out of the question. Now what I want to know is if I persue herding even if it is just to move my own livestock around will this cause a problem with my obedience? I don't see that it should however, seeing that I know nothing about herding yet I thought I would post the question even if it means potentially looking silly. smile.gif

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I do high level obedience, that is why I thought I should post it here. I train dogs in obedience for a living and Darcy is my advertising. I would like to do some herding just for fun and even thought of training Darcy in that direction and using my other dog for the business however she has been diagnosed with hip displasia and can no longer work so Darcy has to take over there. This leads to the question: If I try herding will she continue to obey my commands in a heart beat or will I just be messing with her head? I'm not looking to turn her into a herding champion, I would just like to try it, and to have a dog that could help put animals away would sure be nice.

I guess the only people who can answer this question are those who have done both herding and obedience.

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hrrmmm. The dogs that I've seen herding are the most well trained, obedient dogs I've ever seen (including dogs I've seen on tv doing obedience competitions.)


I don't know that you will find anyone who is involved with high end obedience, and is knowledgeable of real herding. And the herding people don't get involved with the type of obedience your refering to.


I wish I could help you out, but I don't know. Good luck.

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