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I just got a new BC pup. His name is Kelso and he's 10wks old. I wish to compete in both agility and obedience later on, so what are some fun excercises i can practice with him. He already goes throught the tunnel and will sit on command.

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Hi ya. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your new puppy. You may have better response to your questions in the general forum.


I thought about doing agility and I took an obedience class (mostly to get familiar with the local ?dog? people). Obedience bored my Rand. Can?t say I blame him cause frankly it bored me too. smile.gif And I can?t say the agility crowd appeals to me either, though I am giving it a second look. I?ve heard that jumping and anything that requires twisting, such as the weave poles, is a no-no until they are at least over a year old. But that leaves a lot of room. Perhaps some of the agility regulars can give you some specific suggestions.

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Hi Kelso,

Here are somethings we've been doing with our BC puppy, who is almost 10 months now, to prepare him for agility.

First, you simply must have good command of sit, stay, down and come. If you can take a good obedience class or two, do it. Just don't focus too much on always having your dog working off your left. Work on commands with him on the right also. This becomes so important in agility, and I've seen so many obedience-savy handlers really get hung up on working off the right later. It's more of a mental block for the handler than it is a problem for the dog. Practice both ways now, and you'll be set.

Other good commands to teach are "right" and left." I ran several masters courses with my Jack Russell last weekend that I simply could not have gotten through without these commands.

There are some great books for puppies called Agility Fun the Hobday Way by Ruth Hobday. I think you can get them at Clean" TARGET=_blank> Run.

Mostly I would just focus on playing and interacting with your puppy. Get him to focus on you, and make YOU the funnest thing he's ever seen (there is a reason there are no sheep on the agility course). Agility is a game, so make it all a game.

Also, socialization with dogs of all shapes and sizes... a must!

Have fun!


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