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Help - cold weather question

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I am taking care of two dogs that stay in the garage. They are never in the house. One is part chow and has a really heavy coat. The other is mostly lab and his undercoat is pretty heavy, too.


It is going to get pretty cold this week - 20 during the day and about 8 at night. So far their area has stayed at about 30. But I;'m sure it will go down into the 20s out there.


Will they be all right out there?


I can bring them into the kitchen and put up a gate. But is it better for them to stay outside. Being in where it is about 62 (that's what I keep the house at) could be worse than leaving them out where they are used to being.


Anybody who has dogs who stay in the barn or who stay out have advice?

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If they are used to being outside then they should be fine, just be certain that they have a good nest of bedding so that they can be up off of the concrete. Also some type of enclosure will help keep the draft off them and their body heat close, even a crate with a blanket over it.


Our middle kennel is not heated, the dogs all can get into dog houses that we have inside their kennel bay in the barn that are bedded deep with straw. We also increase their dog food by up to 1/2. Everyone does fine, some can even be found curled up outside sleeping. We are at 18 degrees right now and will slip down below zero at night.


The only dog I've brought in is a smooth coated male with a thin coat that only has a dog house, he will be a house dog for the rest of the winter.

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Thanks. That makes me feel better. They have thick beds that are up off the concrete. And they are in out of the elements. I'll feed them twice a day through the cold. They have a heated water bowl.


I've heard that it really is better to leave them out. Bringing them in where it's too warm can cause illness.


They seem fine. It's me that's worried.


My dogs are all house dogs but they love this cold weather. They want to stay out all day.

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