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Thanks, I'm glad I found this link

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Just wanted to send a quick word to you all, to say how much I have enjoyed and without doubt, learnt in the short time I have been connected to this board.


To give you a little detail of who I am, I am an English person living in France (for 10 years now). I have 3 dogs, a 11year old B.C., Rocky who is retired and simply enjoying life; Casper, a 6 year old Pyrenean sheepdog, quite a character - a dog little known outside of France, but I guess a French version of a B.C. and then the latest edition, Penza, also a B.C. just coming up to 2 years old, my first female dog. and is absolutely delightful.


I love working with my dogs, mostly agility, but also some obedience with Penza. I have spent many hours on the internet - as I am sure you all have - just trying to gather as much information as possible. I simply want to find the best ways to train my dogs and to learn as many new things as possible. Even though I have had dogs for many years, they have mostly been companion dogs. With the last 2, I started to train and do various sports with them. Unfortunately for Casper, we did not start at the right club, so many errors were made and it was only last year that I finally found a great club for agility. For Obedience I am pretty much working on my own at the moment.

This has become almost a novel, hope you managed to read to the end, because all I really wanted to say, was thanks for the information that you write and the advice given - keep it up.



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