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We have just gotten our BC puppy. We love him. And he is only 6 weeks old and he all ready ask to be let out when he needs to do his business!! Are they all this smart?? We only have two concerns at this point. He whinnes quite a lot. Even when he can see us. He was not raised in the best enviroment and we think this may be some of the trouble. He was born in a cow field and his mom was on a 4 foot chain. We wanted to take them all home : ( He is so very loving but does like to chew on us, which we know is a big no-no. What we need help with is, what is the best way to help stop his whinning and how do we discourage the bitting? We do love him so and we can tell that he has great potential. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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First your puppy at 6 weeks is too young to leave its litter. It's very important for puppies to interact with their littermates. They learn alot of social skills from their littermates and their mother.


You must remember that your puppy is extremely young. One of the reasons for his whinning is because he is so young and away from his litter. As he matures AND if you don't encourage his whinning it will stop.


Secondly chewing is a puppy thing they all do it..I would be worried about a puppy who didn't chew. However you are right not to allow her to chew on you. At 6 weeks I would merely pull her away from you and tell her no, giving her something she can chew on.


Puppy pacifers are great. My puppy is 9 weeks and we (and the other dogs) could not survive with out puppy pacifers. To make a puppy pacifer go to the pet store and buy a sterilized bone. These are very hard and will not crack. Fill the inside of it with cheese, make sure you smashed the cheese really good. This will keep her busy for quite a while.


Good luck and have fun with her. Remember they are puppies for only a short time so enjoy then.

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My BC, Josie, is 6 months old has bitten (just chewed, really) on us all the time she has been here. If your pup already knows "no" tell it no and push it away, like Amy said. What I did with Josie is teach her "no biting" so that she knows to stop chewing on us when she is told "no biting". She still chews once in a while when she gets excited/happy, but as soon as you say "no biting," she stops and licks you instead, as if to say, "Oh, I wasn't biting, I was licking. See, I'm licking, I wouldn't bite!" It is the most hilarious thing in the world.


About the whining, Josie does that also, but she doesn't do it like she did when she was a little bitty pup. I just tell her no and the whining immediately stops, but then starts up again. I guess she will grow out of it.



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