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My 1 Year Old BC has started to ignore me!

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I own 2 one year old Border Collies, who are kept as pets. Both are walked at least once a day. Taffy is great, he listens immediately, returns on command and sits when asked. Jock is totally different, he will only return when Taffy does, he stays out of reach and will not sit even for a treat. He gets so excited when he is let off the lead he starts to foam at the mouth. This has only been happening for the last couple of weeks. At the moment if he does not listen I put him back on the lead (when I can get hold of him) and he will walk by the side of me, even with Taffy off the lead. Am I doing the right thing? Walking the dogs separetly is not an issue as I don't have the time. I'm also worried that by keeping Jock on the lead he is not getting all the exercise he needs. I NEED HELP!!!

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Did you get both dogs at the same time? If so maybe they bonded to each other more than to you and now one is the boss and is telling the other to stay away from you in dog language(that you may not understand as it is subtle posturing).

Are they neutered yet? They may be in their "teen rebelion" and one at least is ignoring you to see what will happen.

Maybe you can find a good dog trainer that can see the situation and help you on the spot. It is hard to tell without seen it.

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Kris - Thank you for your opinion. I will bear it in mind. However I am resoved to solving the issue, not parting with my dog.


Cholla - Yes I did get the dogs at the same time, they are from the same litter. Taffy has always been very attached to me, while Jock has always been much more independant, always ready to ge off and explore. Could this have been my first mistake to allow him to do this so often?


They were both nuetered a couple of months ago, due to both dogs having a retained testicle.


Jock is the more dominate animal when in the house, is it possible that the roles will reverse when they are outside?


I will certainly be trying to find a trainer who can hopefully help. Although I mentioned the dogs are kept as pets, they live outside during the day to deter (they are not guard dogs) unwanted visitors. While I find a suitable trainer would it be fair to reduce their walks to one a day, so that I would be able to walk them one at a time? By the way the times they are walked is governed by the dark nights. I also train them in and around the house.

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I would say that it is a difficult situation to see from far away. It sounds like you are doing very well just realizing you have a problem that needs solving.

Getting two young dogs at the same time is very hard because you are not teaching, and the dog learning, one on one. So taking this into consideration, when people have more than one, they try to give each one individual attention, bonding and training time.

You may want to start trying to find time for some of it now until you find an experienced person to work with. Good luck.

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Hi It seems to me that cholla has hit the nail on the head.I have heard many times of litter brothers acting in this way.I will try and contact the people that have had this problem to see if and how they are getting on with the problem.

After checking the opinions are all the same .You need to exersise

Jock alone and work on his recals until he looks to you for guidence not Taffy.

Hope this helps good luck.




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