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Rally is a new AKC obedience class that is in the developing phase, so it may yet change. As of now it does not count toward points or titles. It is a ring set with a series of signs telling you what to do at each(sit, down, heel to corner, you name it), I don't really know. you get to do the course in the way you want and can talk to your dog or do what you want. Several members of our dog club are going to a show this weekend and are going to try it. I will know more when they come back. It is intended to make obedience more fun.

It never hurts to do with a dog as much as possible, every time you do anything with your dog is time spend together.

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Thanks for the information. I'm just looking at something to do with Jessie, an organized sport if you will. I don't plan to get her into formal competitions, I just want her to have fun and learn new things. But first things first -- such as stay, and particularly down. We start puppy training tonight, and I can't wait.

Thanks again,


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