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Flyball Anyone?

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We recently adopted a 2nd BC from Rescue. He's a lover! You can all get upset with me if you want, but both our BC's are family pets- and good ones at that! One is 18mos female the other is 10mos male.(yes- both fixed)


Anyhow- we are looking into getting into some Agility training this spring, but I think our new dog would ROCK at Flyball. Any suggestions on where to start?






PS Both dogs had a chance to "play" on some Agility equipment. Both did the tunnel, A-frame and tire. Neither would go over any jumps, but the female hurdled the tunnel several times! (The little nut:0) Could this be a good sign- or is this typical of a dog's first experience w/ the equipment?

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My BC started in agility so I could teach him basic comands so he would jump the hurdles without me being there. He finished his advanced level agility and his next schooling will be in Flyball. We started this way because our BC is also a pet but we make him work (i.e. help with the garbage and find the cats, etc.) and do tricks if he wants something. He is almost 4 and will be starting Flyball in the spring if we can get enough people to do it.

Good luck and have fun


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