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MacRae clinic in Oxford, NC

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A wonderful opportunity to work one on one with International Supreme Champion & 12 time US Finals Champion, Alasdair MacRae and his wife, Patricia, 2012 National Finals Champion. In addition to the clinic work, the MacRae’s are often able to provide measurable, goal driven exercises that you can replicate at home. The 2 day clinic will cost $290 per dog and $60/day for auditors. Lunch will be provided and all levels are welcome. Private lessons will also be available on December 3 & 4th at $75 per half hour. Please email me at pastorshill@netzero.net for entry form

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I'm just back now from a clinic and lessons with the MacRaes. All I can say is WOW! So much information, I filled up quite a bit of a large notebook! It was an amazing experience, and the folks that audited told me that they got a ton out of it, perhaps more than if they actually had a working spot.


I'm sure all the working spots for the clinic are full, but if you can at all make it, I strongly recommend that you go and audit. Patricia and Alasdair are great at explaining what they are doing and what the expected outcomes are. I am kinda sorta thinking about flying to North Carolina to audit! smile.gif

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