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Ok here's one, In the past, before the BC's in my life that I now herd with, I was a obedience trainer (don't kill me yet). Anyhow, I work at a shelter, one of the tech's I work with sold one of her dogs (not a BC) to a deaf lady who wants it trained. I also am fluent in sign language and would be happy to help just for helps sake, any suggestions on how to get the job done with the least turbulence?


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My LabXHusky's trainer told me to always use large signs (emphasized) with the comands so they get to know both and then slowly stop saying the command itself. Bailey is learning and has one or two down now and Shiloh (BC) helps me with her. If your BCs understand the hand commands then they will help you teach your non-BC to follow directions. Hope this helps a little and good luck!


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