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My Border Collie"s name is Shiloh and he is, of course, a very brilliant dog. But lately he will just focus on squirels and not pay attention to anything else. How can I change his focal point back to me and off those pesky critters?

The other small problem we have iswhen I give our other puppy trouble for doing something, Shiloh will run to his room (bed) like a scolded child. My animals have never been mistreated by my husband and I, so we can't figure out why he does this. He also has happy/nervous pees. Can someone help me to solve these problems? Thank-you in advance.


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Sounds like Shiloh is a smart sensitive dog, as far as his going to bed for your scolding the other pup.

Focusing on squirrels is pretty common obsessing for a BC. If you don't want him to do it you might try distracting him with some other fun. A BC is happiest when you (the owner) can find a fun thing (ball, frisbee, some sort of livestock related herding or work) that the dog can do that is also fun for you, or productive.

Submissive or excitement urination is something he will likely outgrow. It helps if you ignore it, clean it up quietly and don't punish for it. It also helps if you can downkey the events that cause it...usually greetings. Have visitors ignore the pup and try to make coming and goings more common events.


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