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Need advice for obedience

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Hi all, I have another question I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me with. My three year old Border Collie (Duncan) is the most wonderful dog I have ever had. He minds me extremely well,,,most of the time. It's when we have been working or playing for a while that he starts to get stuborn for lack of a better work. He will quit making eye contact with me, slow down, lie down, not listen to commands as well, basically ignore me unless I raise my voice (and I have a LOUD voice when I want to) and or fuss and him. He is in good shape and has had a check up at the vet within the last two months. I don't want to work or play with him too long if he is too worn out, but I know that the breed is a working dog and are used to taking commands and working in burst all day. Any comments or advice would be welcome.




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I'd like to hear some advice on this as well. Mine is only 2 yrs old & she does the same thing. I didn't know if she was testing me or what? She's got a clean bill of health & shouldn't be so tired after 20 minutes or so. But she acts like she can't go another inch. Unless another dog comes along, then suddenly she has enough energy to play.


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Guest PrairieFire

Hi folks -


In herding it's called "sulky"...and is corrected when it happens. But since the dog WANTS to get to the sheep, correction for sulkiness is usually taking away the sheep...don't know what you'd do in your case...



Bill Gary

Kensmuir, Working Stockdog Center

River Falls, WI


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Are you sure you are not boring him to death??? If you are drilling him over and over on the same thing he may be shutting down because of boredom. When herding things are ever changing and their minds are more challaged. Like the smart kid in school who finds the work easy and goofs off. Try shorter harder lessons and see what happens.

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