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how to stop my BC from chewing on furniture

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i'm new to owning bc. i got my dog about 3 months ago. i was not told so but i think someone owned her before me and returned her to the shop where i bought her. overall she's great but she likes to chew on things .she's chewed on my leather couch and my wooden table. what should i do to break her out of this habit? i don't want to get rid of her but i need to stop her from chewing . i've tried buying her bones but i can't constantly give her bones to keep her from chewing on my things. if any one has any ideas please respond.

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Buy some bitter apple from a pet store, and get the kind that is like vasaline, rub it on anything you dont want her to chew, once she tastes it, she wont chew on that again, trust me it works and is easy. I also buy bones all the time for my pup as he is a chewer as well, I spend a small fortune on bones for him, but it is worth it. Also I bought 2 kong toys, I fill them with yogurt and freeze it, then give it to the dog. They have to work hard to get the frozen yogurt out, and it keeps their mind busy as well. You can also stuff the kongs with peanut butter or canned carrots mashed up, or anything else they like.

By all means buy the bones, it'll really help your pup in the long run.

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