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Wisconsin Working Stockdog Assoc. Labor Day Trials

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The 27th Annual Wisconsin Working Stockdog Association trials will be held Aug 31 - Sep 3 at Badlands Sno-Park in Hudson WI. Entries are now open and will be accepted until August 17th. Any entry postmarked on or before July 16th will be treated as if it were received on opening day for entries. This is a USBCHA sanctioned trial with 2 Open and 2 Nursery trials as well as 2 ProNovice, Ranch, and Novice trials.

Ranch will be a shortened course with an outrun of around 150 yards and a short drive. This is open to novice handlers (never competed in Open). Novice will be a similar length outrun with a short wear. There is a Youth class for handlers under 17 years old. ProNovice and Nursery will be an outrun of approx 250 yards and full drive.

The sheep are from a commercial flock in WI and will not have been worked in small groups prior to the trial.

This is a new site for this trial after more than 10 years at the beautiful McLeish farm in Portage WI. Our new hosts are they Kinney family and we are confident that the new site will prove challenging for handlers and exciting for spectators.

Entry forms are available

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Photo of the trial field:


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