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Vintage Collie Pics

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These are great!


I love the first one, particularly, as it shows the extreme variety of BC types, even back when. The first one is shaped like my first border collie, Rose, who was almost black, but had the identical head, ears and willowy body type. (She was a descendant of one of the Gilchrest Spots.) The middle dog looks very much like my old timer, Jesse, with the minimal white, long muzzle and spaniel-ish ears. And the smoothie looks very much like my little girl, Gael, with her whippet-look!


Very fun, thanks for sharing these!


~ Gloria

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It's actually very reassuring to see all those different type Border Collies, isn't it. Pray to doG we never find ourselves in the position of having a video showing the "old" type Border Collie compared with some new, misshapen freak like the videos about German Shepherd Dogs and Basset Hounds, etc.


Here's a few more of War Dog Collies:


post-10533-034070500 1341596431_thumb.jpg post-10533-030878900 1341596470_thumb.jpg post-10533-025393500 1341596567_thumb.jpg post-10533-091834900 1341596597_thumb.jpg

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