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Joining the ABCA

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This may be a silly question but Keeva is registered with the American Border Collie Association.


I have not joined yet.


Should I ?


A small flyer came with my certificate of registration.


There is a lifetime membership the cost $100.00.


Any suggestions?

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I belong to the ABCA if for no other reason than it is a way that I can support the only Border Collie registry that supports the working-bred dog (through its support of National Finals, certain trials, health and genetic issues, and other means). I am simply an annual member at this point in time.


I also like to support the USBCC (who provide these boards and the website, with all its information - www.bordercollie.org) and the USBCHA (even though I do not trial).


If you are interested in supporting any of these organizations that promote and support the working-bred Border Collie, that's a choice you can make.

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post-13260-021781700 1340471343_thumb.jpgThanks Sue


The border collie boards has been most valuable to me. Before purchasing a border collie, what to look for in a breeder, first weeks at home, the VET, and now training.


I cannot imagine me not being a part forever of the breed.


I will join the ABCA and look into the USBCC.

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