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Alpha position?

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My puppy did that with my older dog when we first got him. I got him into class as soon as was possible and my trainer gave me some suggestions that really helped create a bond as well as make him realize who was boss. They had me hand feed him his kibble, I did it first thing in the morning, and as soon as he made eye contact, I gave him some food, then he looked at me again, I gave him more food. I did this every morning for a while and it seemed to help a great deal. It was establishing me as leader, dogs associate food with who is boss. I had my daughter hand feed him as well so he would know she was above him in our pack. I also asked my vet why he never seemed to notice I was in the room with him and the vet said he is just a puppy and soon he would look to me for everything. Going for walks and playing with your puppy is also a great way to bond with him/her. Dakota is now 6 months old and he now follows me all over the house. He has accepted me as leader, even over my husband!! So give it time and do things with your pup and he will soon get the picture. and above all be gentle to your dog, leaders are known for their calmness and gentle ways, not harshness.

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