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Dog beds for older dogs

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Cricket is 9 1/2. She had surgery for hip dysplasia at 6mths old and I have tried to find a comfortable bed for her as she gets older. She sleeps in her kennel (door open) and destroys any bedding put in with her. Lately, she has been sneaking out of the dog room if the gate isn't quite secure - we find her up on the couch. She's never chewed on the couch the way she does with dog beds (THANKFULLY!!)

I just found a cheap solution to her bed in the kennel. I bought two chairs from our facility (a seniors home) These are very sturdy, commercial quality seating with special antibacterial, anti soiling fabric. Two chairs - $10.00. I took the seats off. They fit perfectly in her kennel. :)

And she seems delighted. They are as firm as the couch and she can't chew them. DH & I both noticed she seemed less stiff.

I'm hoping these will last for a good while!

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