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how much training is too much?

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Dakota is in agilty now on thursday nights, we love it so far and wanna keep doing agility and taking classes (which are too infrequent). I also have an opportunity to train him for flyball on Saturdays, and a class is coming up on June 27th, an intermediate obedience class, so the agility and ob class will overlap for like 3 weeks. dakota is intelligent and active, but will he get confused with too many activities???

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I have a trainer friend of mine that takes his BC's out to work sheep 2 times a week, flyball once a week and he has an agility course in his backyard that he works the dogs on a few times a week as well. The dogs don't confuse what they're supposed to do and lack no enthusiasm for what they're doing that day. I know livestock farmers that work their dogs several times a day on occasion. Borders can easily juggle several activites. Just make sure to keep your training sessions relatively short at first and then lengthen them as your dog learns more. They learn fast but they can only learn so much in one day.


BTW, after my post I found out yesterdays Sesame Street was all about DOGS!! I bet "Hard Working Dog" was on and I missed it frown.gif





Sabre and BC Gus

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