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Dab's introduction to sheep!

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Our Dab was introduced to sheep at 4 months, and readily took interest in them, surprising us all. She's since had some light training, and will have her first official training primer this fall. Not bad for a pup!

Here's a couple pics from easter, when she was about 4 1/2 months.

Has anyone else had a BC that took to the sheep at an early age?

post-13093-003782700 1336829797_thumb.jpg

post-13093-016907400 1336829836_thumb.jpg

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Many of us will try a pup on sheep at a young age. I have photos of my youngster (9 months) Kestrel going around the ewe flock at 3 months old. Most of the time they are not ready for real training until they're a bit older. I haven't actually started training Kes, but about once a month, I will take her to the sheep to see where her head is (which would be my determination that she's ready for the pressure of training). We're not there yet.



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