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Sweet, I was featured as a guest on Coffee with a Canine


Diane Pagel & Tess, Nan, Rainey, and Maid


Who is in the photo at right?


This would be Tess and me, Diane Pagel. I have a day job as a Aerospace Engineer for the FAA: I certify large transport airplanes. My degree is EE. For my hobby I raise and train Border Collies for sheepdog and cowdog trials. I have been working with Border Collies for over 20 years and 17 years of that in the sheepdog venue. I have been doing USBCHA trials for 12 years.


Tess is almost 14 years old and my retired Open dog. She is the love of my life and the reason that I am in this sheepdog sport. I also have a sheep farm and raise sheep to train my dogs on and also for food.



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